ТОВ "Техновироб"
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LTD "Tehnovyrob"

Representative office of the company in the Lietuva, Vilnius, Vivulsko street,23. of. 67. Representative Igor Dovgopolov. Tel: +37060208830

The company "Tehnovyrob" m. Kyiv, Ukraine offers cooperation and industrial cooperation with companies in your country who work in engineering, metal and steel structures:

- For the production and supply of parts, components, assemblies, parts and various metal structures of steel and cast iron various brands, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and bronze

- Production of dies for presses hot and cold-forged steel parts

- Production of molds for the manufacture of technical rubber (seals, rings for hydraulic systems and equipment) of different brands

- Production of metal parts and electric method (semiautomatic welding machines and spot welding)

- Manufacturing of aluminum alloys, zinc and bronze by injection molding in a mold casting machines

- Production of parts from various steels and cast iron machining metal and metal processing all types of metal, including machine tools and machining centers, CNC (computer controlled).

- Manufacture of machinery and equipment for kitchens of restaurants and cafes stainless steel (cabinets for dishes, sinks, shelves, tables, special furniture, etc.)

At prices 30-40% lower than in your market.

We also offer for businesses woodworking industry, furniture and wood products, the supply of timber from pine, beech, oak and ash different variety and quality. The company can supply technical documentation for the customer:

- Timber size from 30x30mm to 200X200mm length from 4m to 6m

- Joiner board size from 20X200mm to 60X300 mm in length from 4m to 6m

- Joinery and furniture parts and blanks

Wood can be supplied with a moisture content of 10% to 25%. The estimated cost of 1m3 timber and edged board for raw pine ,from a warehouse in Kiev 130 to $ 150 in volume quantities from 200 to 800 m3 per month.