ТОВ "Техновироб"
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LTD "Tehnovyrob"

Address: Kyiv, Dniprovska naberejna 23

The company "Tehnovyrob" m. Kyiv, Ukraine offers cooperation and industrial cooperation with companies in your country who work in engineering, metal and steel structures:

- For the production and supply of parts, components, assemblies, parts and various metal structures of steel and cast iron various brands, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and bronze

- Production of dies for presses hot and cold-forged steel parts

- Production of molds for the manufacture of technical rubber (seals, rings for hydraulic systems and equipment) of different brands

- Production of metal parts and electric method (semiautomatic welding machines and spot welding)

- Manufacturing of aluminum alloys, zinc and bronze by injection molding in a mold casting machines

- Production of parts from various steels and cast iron machining metal and metal processing all types of metal, including machine tools and machining centers, CNC (computer controlled).

- Manufacture of machinery and equipment for kitchens of restaurants and cafes stainless steel (cabinets for dishes, sinks, shelves, tables, special furniture, etc.)

At prices 30-40% lower than in your market.